Monday, October 19, 2015

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer & Instant Glow Enhancer

Femaledaily invited me to attend Forum Group Discussion The Body Shop at Community Center Femaledaily HQ Kemang. I thought topic will be discuss only about Vitamin C range from The Body Shop, but we may share all skin care regime from all brand and we could talk about what we like or dislike from The Body Shop products and service. At the end of the event, we all got Goodie Bag (Yes, We loovvee goodie bag ^^) and tadaaaaa.. Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer & Instant Glow Enhancer.. Let's scroll ;D
The packaging is simple and sleek orange-black. Left : Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer 49gr, Right : Instant Glow Enhancer 25ml.
Both have same writing : "Dull, Tired, Grumpy Skin"
When I saw "grumpy" I suddenly remember grumpy dwarf from Snow White Movie :LOL:
I will review The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer first. I apply it every morning after shower.
This moisturizer don't have lid or aluminium seal inside, that's fine for me at least the cap is air-tight.
I have to admit that I really like this gel texture. It's so runny. Trust me, you have to apply small amount and it goes a long way, fresh orange scent, easy to absorb, may apply day and night after shower, I got Instant brightening effect after that *love it*. 

Next, The Body Shop Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer. This is Primer. I apply this one after my skin care routine & before make up.

It has aluminium seal. When I squeeze the tube, here goes the cream. Yes, the texture is creamy with orange color. The Brand Manager from The Body Shop says this orange color gives you instant brightening effect. I like scent of moisturizer better than this primer. Since I have dry skin, I don't know weather this primer good at oil control or not.
This is my first experience with The Body Shop Vitamin C range and It's not bad at all. I interested with other product from Vitamin C range : Microdermabrasion and Eye Duo. Maybe next time I will try..

Packaging : 3 from 5
Quality : 4 from 5
Overall : 4 from 5
Price : 419.000/49gr and 359.000/25ml
Repurchase? Maybe

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