Saturday, November 28, 2020

Lactation Consultant in Dubai

After tongue tie and lip tie surgery done, I need Lactation Consultant to help my baby feed with his “new” tongue and lip. Although MyPediaClinic has Lactation Consultant, we’re not interested to visit MyPediaClinic again. So we’re back to our first plan : visiting Dr. Delphine Dupuis in Medicenter Motor City, Dubai. I heard from so many people that she is the best Lactation Consultant in Dubai. I was planning to consult with her about my son’s tongue tie & lip tie but her schedule was fully booked, so I have to do the surgery at MyPediaClinic.

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Alhamdulillah Dr. Delphine Dupuis considers our case as an urgent one. So she invited us to come on May 27th (5 days after surgery). When we came to Medicenter Motor City, the nurse said said don’t feed the baby because Dr. Delphine wants to observe how’s the feeding goes. We just wait for a while because the examination room needs to be sterilized for next patient.

When we enter Dr. Delphine’s room there’s a sofa for mommy and a chair (I guess this one for daddy). She checked baby’s weight first before we start our conversation and ask what is our concerns. She said she’s worried because baby R is off the chart and needs to gain weight to support his brain development. We told her everything about our concerns, baby’s weight gain, how’s baby so fussy while feeding, long feeding session but baby seems unsatisfied, etc. It’s so stressful when you’re feeding the fussy baby, for hours, and he doesn’t seem satisfied.

While I was feeding Baby R, Dr. Delphine fixed my position so he would have a deep latch. She’s attention to detail, caring, and give us so many suggestion. I think we spent a long time there and I don’t realize it’s more than an hour. After feeding session done we check baby’s weight and he gained 60grams. Dr. Delphine said it’s good. If we continue like this he will back to the chart. She offered to check baby’s weight regularly in Medicenter, for free. We accepted and we went home with easy mind and happy smile.

After our consultation, me and Dr. Delphine follows up Baby R’s progress by email. She’s so kind. When I had blocked duct and tell her by email about my situation, she replied how to manage it. And I could handle it because of her instructions. She’s so amazing!

I also took some supplements by Dr. Delphine’s prescription and supervision.

Baby R has major progress, he gained about 300grams per week! Alhamdulillah..

When this post is up on my blog, Baby R is 7 months old. He is at 73% percentile!

Dr. Delphine, If you read my blogpost I wanna say that I can’t imagine how I will survive without you. You are a saint :)) God bless you and your family.


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  2. I have baby too. Its make me sad, cause I can feel how we try our best, keep the baby grow up with normal and health :')


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