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Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Surgery in Dubai

It’s been so hard since we get back from hospital. Bringing our little bundle of joy home after 3 days in NICU because he had CRP (C-Reactive Protein) higher than normal range. Doctor said it’s because my blood type is different from my baby.
The parenthood journey begins..
I planned to give him breastmilk as much as I could. At first, he refused to breastfeeding directly. Nursing strike they would say, baby always fed from the bottle which is easier than breastfeeding. We did skin-to-skin contact, always offer breast before bottle, until finally he accepts it.
First month check up result is not satisfying for me. He only add 600gr weight from birth weight (His birth weight was 2,4kg at gestational age 37 weeks) when most babies are gaining 1kg.
Then he started to fussy in every breastfeeding time. 
I already rock him, singing, walking around while breastfeeding. Nothing can make him calm. After for a while he will getting tired, then he slept while feeding for hours. For me as first time mom, I think he doesn’t feed well. Or he only feed a little and pacify more.
I start to search Lactation Consultant. First, we find LC from our home country, Indonesia. My friend recommended to ask @menjadiibu Instagram Account about my concern. I DM’d her and she ask me to provide under tongue & upper lip video. After she watched my video, she said my baby has tongue tie and lip tie. It has to be released. That sentence broke my heart. I feel like it was a bad thing and I rushed into google search. Finding doctor who can do tongue & lip tie surgery in Dubai.
There’s MyPediaClinic on top of google search result -that I realized later it is an Ad. Of course it’s on top- It seems convincing, there are some youtube video on their website. Dr. Medhat is the one who perform the surgery. He is Paediatrician. This is one of my consideration because I also concern about baby’s development.
I also ask my friend in Dubai. She said Dr. Delphine Dupuis is the best Doctor in town. But after I ask Medicenter Motor City, she is full booked and only available next month. I cannot wait that long. Baby R is crying constantly. Even after looong feeding session he seems unsatisfied. It’s hard to keep him calm, my anxiety is through the roof.
After make an appointment, we went to MyPediaClinic on May 23. Just one day before Eid Al Fitr (Yes, I can’t stand it anymore to spend holiday with an upset baby)
MyPediaClinic located in 1st floor. I thought the place is quite big as I seen on their website, but the hallway is so narrow. There’s a small playground in front of the clinic. I headed to reception and I said I want to get assessment and do the surgery if needed. It’s not covered by insurance, so we will pay from our own pocket. Lip Tie Surgery costs AED 2,000 & Tongue Tie Surgery costs AED 2,000. So AED 4,000 in total. Pheww..
The nurse check baby’s weight, long, and head circumference. He only 3,2kg at 6 weeks. Should be less than 3,2kg without cloth & diaper. The nurse said “It’s normal, Ma’am”
Still in the same room, the nurse explain how to massage the wound after surgery. She explains aggressively and also give us instruction card. (WTH, they haven’t do my baby’s assessment yet)
Then we move to examination room. Dr. Medhat starts the conversation about baby’s feeding. I explain our concerns about baby feed for hours but his weight gain is poor. And then baby starts to cry. “Oh I can see his tounge” Dr. Medhat said. He stands about 2 meters from us. Do you call it assessment? We all wear mask, gloves, and no fever btw. Why don’t he examine my baby? He even ask what my husband do for a living. Are you wondering how do we have that amount of money to pay the surgery? At the end, Dr. Medhat explained that parents cannot attend the surgery.
When my husband & I waiting, I received a call from Medicenter. Apparently Dr. Delphine wants to meet us sooner because it considered as urgent case. The nurse said we can come just after Eid Al Fitr holiday. Alhamdulillah. I asked for the surgery fee. She said Tongue Tie Surgery costs AED 650 and Lip Tie Surgery costs AED 650. But if we want to release both we only have to pay AED 650 because it will be done at the same time. OMG I was shocked. Compared to MyPediaClinic’s price it’s waaayy cheaper. I know they have different method. While MyPediaClinic do the surgery with radio frequency, Medicenter do the snipping surgery. And both need the same after surgery treatment : stretching & massage the wound for several weeks. Some people said radio frequency will heal faster but at least from our experience my LO still bleed at night after surgery.
How about after surgery check up?
Frankly, we’re not satisfied. The reason we chose Paediatric to do this surgery is we want someone who also care about our Little One’s wellbeing. In fact, Dr always said “good” even though we have explained our concerns. Baby always cry every two hours, we think he knows it’s our schedule to massage his wounds. Baby doesn’t want to breastfed and hate everything to enter his mouth, we also think he’s afraid we want to massage his wounds. Dr. Medhat said “Don’t directly breastfeed after massage. Give him time. Play first like this and then massage the wound, press.....” and baby R cry out LOUD. What a solution!
Lip Tie

As the doctor and team don’t give us any good impression, I lost my intention to visit lactation consultant in MyPediaClinic. I would definitely choose Dr. Delphine Dupuis in Medicenter Motor City, Dubai. I ended up book an appointment with Dr. Delphine as I'm so desperate to handle my baby's fussiness while feeding. I feel there has to be something wrong.
I will explain about my breastfeeding journey in my next blog post : Lactation Consultant in Dubai.


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